In August-September 2018, the company produced for Lisbon's St. George's Castle Cena de Saltimbancos – tragicomédia com Marionetas (Mountebanks - a tragicomedy with puppets), a performance on the move through different areas within the castle. We invited the actor Eduardo Molina and the circus artist Daniel Seabra to jon us.  From this site-specific creation, two components emerged that we have gone on developing: a mountebank wagon that folds out as a theatre, and the Witches show. 
The Witches (Bruxas) is an ongoing company project, performed by Daniel Benegassi, Diogo Vaz Cavaleiro and José Henrique Neto, with technical advice by the juggler Luis Reis. The number has a duration of 15 min, which can be extended with interaction with the public during the entrance. It has been presented in Melgaço, Portugal, at the Noite dos Medos (Halloween) 2019.
Photos published with permission of the Melgaço City Council.