Luís Ratinho – eng

Luís Ratinho

Luís started working with FOLIA in 2019 as our trusted Sound Technician and assistant in all matters technical. But from the start his professional and personal commitment went well beyond a mere collaboration, and especially throughout the COVID crisis – over one year of uncertainties and without live shows – he was our mainstay. In short, he was already a full partner before he took half the shares on May 25th, 2021.

Luís was born in Oeiras, Portugal, on  January 15th, 1993. Fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French, he graduated as Bachelor of  Psychological Sciences at the Faculty of Psychology -University of Lisbon in 2015.

Since graduation from the ETIC Intensive course in sound production, in 2016, he has worked as a freelance Sound Engineer/ Technician in Television broadcasts, live music FOH, Recording sessions, Theatre, corporate parties and events, Film and documentary projects.

In 2018 he worked as 2nd Sound Assistant  at  Alfama Filmes, , booming, recording, preparing microphones and closely working with actors and other teams. In that same year, he worked as Sound Engineer / Assistant at the Klassick Music Studio, as assistant for the main producer in the studio. Prepared  and executed recording sessions, rehearsals, release parties, deliveries among other tasks.

He is also a bass player with his own and other bands.